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Fast off and on coupling of loads.

  • Focused on speed and efficiency

  • Many different loads linkable

  • 20 years of industry experience

Our consultants are happy to explain what performance is required within aviation.

Easy and fast travelers act.

Spijkstaal's electric vehicles are very suitable for transport and towing activities at airports. Spijkstaal likes to think along with us to achieve goals such as increased profitability, efficient transport of baggage and products, low downtime and low maintenance costs. The Spijkstaal and Ata electric tractors and platform trucks offer aviation the right solution in the field of internal transport.

It is a great advantage that another trailer can be attached to the electric tractor within seconds. This allows you to carry new loads quickly and easily. Think of transporting luggage and vehicles across the terminal and supplying aircraft.

Choose the Spijkstaal electric tractor and experience unmatched safety and reliability in the aerospace industry.

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