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Spijkstaal has been a leading developer and manufacturer of electric vehicles for national and international goods and passenger transport for more than 80 years. Since Sept. 9, 2015, Spijkstaal has been part of the Peinemann Mobilift Group and, in addition to selling electric vehicles, has also focused on renting them out, with the aim of completely unburdening itself in the field of electric horizontal transport.

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Made in Holland

Spijkstaal has strong ties to the Netherlands that go back as far as 80 years ago. The company is deeply rooted in Dutch society and gained iconic status with its famous old SRV wagon. Generations of Dutch people remember the familiar sight of the SRV cart driving through the streets, loaded with all kinds of products and services.

Spijkstaal has left a lasting impression on Dutch culture and continues to innovate and contribute to the mobility of our country. It is a symbol of craftsmanship, reliability and tradition, and a valuable part of Dutch history.

About us