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Short-term rentals

Quickly scale up and scale down.

  • Low cost per month

  • No big investment

  • Benefit from service and maintenance by Spijsktaal

Our consultants have already put together many different applications and are happy to come by and see the work environment,

Is short-term leasing what you want?

Renting an electric tractor offers several advantages worth considering. First, renting offers flexibility. Instead of investing in the purchase of a vehicle, you can rent it for the desired period of time. This is especially useful if you only need the product temporarily or want to maintain flexibility without long-term commitments.

Another advantage of renting is the lower initial cost. Instead of spending a large sum of money to purchase an electric tractor, you can rent it at a fraction of the price. This is advantageous if a large investment is not desired, also you can save on the cost of maintenance and storage.

Renting also offers convenience and ease of maintenance. When you rent an electric tractor, Spijkstaal is responsible for maintenance and any repairs. This saves you the trouble and expense of maintaining the product yourself. Contact one of our salespeople so we can assess together which solution works best. Plus, you don't have to worry about storing the product when you're not using it because you can simply return it to the rental company.

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