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Welcome to the world of electric transportation.

The family

Started as a close-knit family business, Spijkstaal still breathes that same passion that has driven us from the beginning. We believe that sharing our love for the craft, our vehicles, and of course our people is essential.

Here, your passion is the focus. We strive to offer you a place where you feel completely at home. Because only in such an environment can we grow and develop together. We encourage you to let your skills shine, with room for your own initiative. In this way, we jointly take responsibility for our success.

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Employees speak out

Collaborate on a well-oiled machine

At Spijkstaal, we are at home servicing electric vehicles and coming up with smart mobility solutions. Our service is known for its quality, regardless of the industry. If you choose Spijkstaal, you choose a dynamic role in which you apply your expertise to a variety of challenges.

From transportation to logistics, our projects cover a wide range of sectors. Curious about the projects you can play a role in? Explore our markets page.