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ATA E400

High range and reliable.

Towing capacity

40,000 KG


20 km/h

Turn radius

4,280 mm

Lease price from Price without options, battery or charger

€1,230 p/m excl. VAT

€ 60.415,-

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  • Fast delivery

  • Long lifespan

  • Something about service


The ATA E400 is an ideal for transporting heavy loads within small spaces. The vehicle is equipped with a powerful AC motor that delivers more than 20kW of continuous power and a battery of up to 750Ah. This combination of power and long range makes the electric tow tractor a valuable addition to any logistics or industrial setting. With its maximum traction force of 25,000 daN, the E400 is capable of moving even the heaviest loads up to 40,000 kg with ease.

A tractor that navigates challenging slopes with ease and transports heavy loads reliably.

Experience impressive pulling power and reliability.

Technical specifications E400
Towing capability 40,000 kg
Voltage 80 V
Maximum speed 20 km/h
Length 3,373 mm
Width 1,400 mm
Ground clearance 210 mm
Turning radius 4,280 mm
Maximum battery capacity 750/930 Ah


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