Maintenance & transport



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Due to the strong service-minded mentality, Spijkstaal is known for its excellent service. When you rent or buy a machine via Spijkstaal, you will receive a service offered by the most dedicated specialists. Maintenance can be offered for all types of Spijkstaal machines with the aim of improving the safety and productivity in the workplace.

Spijkstaal offers different types of service contracts. A service contract consists of one of the following parts or a combination of different parts:

  1. Inspections
  2. Preventive maintenance
  3. Corrective maintenance 
  4. Breakdown service
24/7 call-out system

Spijkstaal has a 24/7 call-out system which ensures the continuity and efficiency of the operation by preventing downtime, even outside normal working hours.
Breakdown? Call us!


Spijkstaal has its own transport department with a wide range of vehicles in order to make sure that the transport of equipment can be provided in an accurate manner.

The fact that Spijkstaal is not dependent on third parties, means that Spijkstaal is able to respond immediately in case of emergencies or urgent transport needs. It makes no difference whether it concerns daily work or work outside normal working hours. If necessary, the transport department of Spijkstaal is standby at day and night.