Tow tractor: up to 8,000 kg

The Spijkstaal electric tow tractor 308 is very popular because of its quality and stability. The tow tractors can be used for towing large loads up to 8,000 kg on various surfaces and slopes. Due to its electric drive and towing capacity, the Spijkstaal electric tow tractor 308 is suitable for defense, industries, healthcare institutions and aviation.

Comfortable workplace

The Spijkstaal 308 is equipped with a chair at hip height and a very low step. This ensures a great ergonomic advantage and makes it less stressful to get on and off. The Spijkstaal 308 is also equipped with brake discs that it require less maintenance.


The sheet metal on the Spijkstaal 308 is made of steel and is bolted to the chassis. Steel is much less vulnerable than plastic and if damage occurs you can repair it quickly and easily. The Spijkstaal 308 is fitted with shock absorbers with spiral springs all around. This ensures that your tow tractor drives comfortably on uneven road surfaces. In addition, the suspension also ensures that your braking distance is as short as possible during an emergency stop. The electric tow tractor also has large wheels, which ensures less wear. The battery is centered low in the vehicle for stability.


The Spijkstaal electric tow tractor 308 can be equipped with a fully closed cabin with two sliding doors that fall within the chassis.

  • Ergonomic 
  • Low entry
  • Maintenance-free AC motors
  • Change battery both horizontally and vertically
  • Compact vehicle
  • Low costs in TCO
  • Long lifetime
  • Comfortable driving with an all-round suspension vehicle
Technical specifications
Electric tow tractor 308
Towing capacity 8,000 kg
Max. speed 16 km/u (adjustable)
Length 2,046 mm
Width 1,000 mm
Max. battery* 48 Volt, 320 Ah.
Motor AC

*This model can optionally be equipped with a battery change system.

The 308 tow tractors are mainly used in the following markets:

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