Tow tractor: Up to 4,000 kg

The Spijkstaal electric tow tractor 304 is the most compact electric sit-tractor in the product range of Spijkstaal. The electric tow tractor is fully adapted to today's requirements. Due to its appearance and powerful electric drive, the Spijkstaal electric tow tractor 304 is suitable for public areas, facility services, airports and healthcare institutions.

Comfortable workplace

The Spijkstaal electric tow tractor 304 has an improved seat. The steering wheel is close to the driver, so that you ergonomically assume a correct position while driving. You can easily drive the electric tow tractor 304 with work/safety shoes.


The Spijkstaal 304 tow tractor has a steel chassis. All plate parts are also made of steel and screwed to the chassis, which makes the vehicle less vulnerable. Because the Spijkstaal 304 is equipped with springs and shock absorbers the Spijkstaal 304 is very comfortable, even on less even surfaces. Due to the above mentioned parts/construction method, Spijkstaal vehicles have a long lifecycle and any damages are simple to repair. In addition, the Spijkstaal 304 is standard equipped with complete LED lighting and an automatic (electromagnetic) parking brake.


When choosing a Spijkstaal 304, you can choose a cabin with or without sliding doors, so it is possible to drive outside. The electric tow tractor 304 is also available with a platform where you can mount small boxes and other goods.

  • Comfortable driving with an all-round suspension vehicle
  • Ergonomic sitting position
  • Low entry
  • Long lifetime
  • Low costs in TCO
  • Platform with 300 kg load capacity
  • Maintenance- free AC motors
  • Compact vehicle
  • Disc brakes
Technical specifications
Electro tractor 302 304 304 with platform
Towing capacity 2,000 kg 4,000 kg 2,500 kg
Loading capacity - - 300 kg
Max. speed 14 km/u (adjustable) 14 km/u (adjustable) 14 km/u (adjustable)
Length 1,739 mm 1,739 mm 2,026 mm
Width 750 mm 750 mm 750 mm
Platform size - - 600 * 695 mm
Max. battery* 24 Volt, 400 Ah. 24 Volt, 400 Ah. 24 Volt, 400Ah.
Motor AC AC AC

*This model can optionally be equipped with a battery change system.

The 304 tow tractors are mainly used in the following markets:

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