tow Tractor: up to 2,000 kg

The Spijkstaal 302 nova is a new line of electric tow tractors with a modern appearance and a towing capacity up to 2,000 kg. The Spijkstaal 302 nova is very suitable for facility services or public areas such as airports, stations or medical centers.


The Spijkstaal electric tow tractor 302 nova is equipped with a comfortable an adjustable seat. The handlebar can be adjusted in three different angles, allowing you to set the ideal driving position yourself. 

The 302 is very user-friendly. By moving the lever, you can easily drive back and forward. The maximum speed can be set in two different positions: a fast mode (12km/h) for use in uncluttered areas and a slow mode (7km/h) for use in cluttered areas. If required, these speeds can be limited to lower speeds. As a standard, the tiller head has an emergency stop, which breaks the electrical circuit, and a horn.


Due to the use of a steel chassis with plastic caps, the vital parts of the vehicle are protected. The plastic caps are formed with ABS and equipped with PMMA which offers protection against weather conditions and chemical agents. Together with the pneumatic tires you can use the electric tow tractor indoors and outdoors.


The tow tractor has two different options for finishing the rear. The Spijkstaal is supplied with a hood that provides ample storage space under the seat. With a lever on the side it is possible to lift the back including the chair upwards and the storage space of 60 x 35 cm can be reached. On request, we supply you another back that offers more space to provide additional accessories like a tool box, chest of drawers or crate. The storage space under the seat is 35 x 35 cm with this option. 

The tractor has two gel batteries. Optionally, we can also provide the electric tow tractor with a lithium-ion battery. The batteries can be disconnected and removed easily from the electric tow tractor. The second battery pack can be changed quickly and safely, so that the electric tow tractor remains operational 24/7 without charging. 

    • Stable vehicle
    • Enough power to pull your loads
    • Low maintenance costs
    • Modern appearance
    • User-friendly 
Technical specifications
Electric tow tractor302
Towing capacity2,000 kg
Max. speed12 km/h (adjustable)
Length1,576 mm
Width800 mm
Max. battery capacity*24 Volt
AGM or Lithium
Capacity1500 W AC

*This model can optionally be equipped with a battery change system.

The 302 nova is mainly used in the following markets:

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