Electric tow tractor
1,000 - 3,000 kg

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Technical specifications

Towing capacity1,000 kg1,500 kg3,000 kg
Max. speed13 km/u (adjustable)13 km/u (adjustable)9 km/u (adjustable)
Length1095 mm1270 mm1270 mm
Width750 mm750 mm750 mm
Step height180 mm110 mm110 mm
Max. battery*24 Volt, 345 Ah.24 Volt, 345 Ah.24 Volt, 345 Ah.

*These models can optionally be equipped with a battery change system.

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Spijkstaal 301

The Spijkstaal electric tow tractor 301 is a tow truck especially designed for relieving physical work. With this electric tow tractor you can effortlessly move products (up to 3,000 kg) indoors from A to B. The tractor has been developed for industries where a lot of walking with various carts is necessary. 

Research has shown that the use of a step-on tow tractor over short distances is more efficient and less tiring. In addition, employee productivity increased and absenteeism was reduced. It is an ideal tractor for healthcare institutions and the floriculture.

Comfortable workplace

The Spijkstaal electric tow tractor 301 has a low step which makes it easy to get on and off. In addition, the adjustable backrest in combination with the handlebar ensures an ergonomically correct position which prevents back and shoulder complaints. The 301 is very user-friendly; the flipper on the handlebar can be used to determine the direction of travel, but also to regenerate brake. No extensive course is needed to use a Spijkstaal 301.


Due to the use of a steel chassis and steel plate parts, it is possible to use the Spijkstaal electric tow tractor 301 in industrial environments. The tow tractor has a long lifetime, a low chance of downtime and any potential damage can be repaired easily.

  • Compact vehicle
  • Stable vehicle 
  • Low entry
  • User-friendly
  • Regenerative brake with flipper
  • Long lifetime
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Maintenance-free AC motors
  • Made in Holland