Picking trucks & trolleys

The Ergobjörn is a modularly constructed product. The standard drive unit, together with a number of different chassis, provides an extensive range of vehicles with surprising possibilities. The roll container trolleys are particularly maneuverable and therefore ideal for maneuvering in narrow aisles between racks. That makes the Ergobjörn very suitable for order picking.

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Ergobjörn pick order tow tractor

The Ergobjörn pick order tow tractors are a series of tractors (709/710/713) that are specially designed for order picking. Due to the compact design, the Ergobjörn pick order tow tractor has a short turning circle, making it easy to turn in narrow aisles. Furthermore, the design gives you a good overview in all directions, which increases safety, and you can order pick from the tow tractor. With the Ergobjörn pick order tow tractor you have the advantage that you can quickly and easily connect and disconnect the trolleys.

It is possible to provide the Ergobjörn pick order tow tractor with a ladder to achieve a pick height of 3 meters. Furthermore, the Ergobjörn also has a wide, ergonomic and non-vibrating rubber floor. The rubber floor works with a weight sensor, where you can only control the tractor when you are on the rubber platform.

Ergobjörn tow tractor

The Ergobjörn tow tractors (702/708) are very suitable for all kinds of material transport and also for personal transport over longer distances. The Ergobjörn tow tractor has a comfortable backrest and is designed to tow one or more trolleys. Ergonomics and smart functions make the tow tractor intuitive and easy for you to drive.

The Ergobjörn tow tractor has a wide, ergonomic and non-vibrating rubber floor. The rubber floor works with pressure control, whereby the tractor can only be driven when you are standing on the rubber platform. The Ergobjörn tow tractor also has smart compartments for storage where you can store things.

Ergobjörn platform tow tractor

The Ergobjörn platform tow tractor (714/728) is very suitable for smart transport of, for example, roll containers, due to its integrated platform. The big advantage of this platform tow tractor is that you can not only use the platform to transport items, but it is also possible to connect extra trolleys for towing. The Ergobjörn platform tow tractor is available with or without a rack. The racks are module-based, allowing you to easily adapt them to your needs.

Ergobjörn pallet tow tractor

The Ergobjörn pallet tow tractor (707) is a light pallet tow tractor that is ideal for loading, unloading and moving pallets quickly. Due to the construction and quality components, this is a tow tractor you can rely on.

The profile shape of the fork tips and the roll-in roller ensures that the forks slide smoothly into pallets. These properties give you a longer service life and a quick, simple and safe way of trading. With the Ergobjörn pallet tow tractor, your body always remains safe within the contours of the tractor. Thanks to the compact chassis, the ends of the forks are clearly visible, which increases safety.

Ergobjörn Multi tow tractor

The Ergobjörn Multi tow tractor is a functional and flexible means of transport that can maneuver in narrow aisles and tight bends. The tow tractor is designed for transporting patients. Thanks to the low weight and compact external dimensions, you can also use lifts with the Multi tow tractor.

Given the clean environment critical in hospitals and nursing homes, the tow tractor has a hard wearing, easy to clean, shiny galvanized surface. The flexibility of the tow tractor allows you to transport wheelchairs, bed transports, incubators, medicines and other medical equipment.

  • Low entry
  • Compact vehicle
  • Enough power to pull your loads
  • Long lifetime
  • User-friendly
  • Ergonomically correct posture
  • Stable vehicle
  • Short turning circle
  • Made in Sweden
Towing capacity1.000 kg1.000 kg1.000 kg
Max. speed12 km/u12 km/u12 km/u
Length1580 mm1580 mm1475 mm
Width750 mm970 mm1315 mm
Step height70 mm70 mm70 mm
Max. battery24 Volt, 105 Ah.24 Volt, 105 Ah.24 Volt, 105 Ah.


Our trolleys rationalise and facilitate work procedures in all situations that require in-house handling of materials - whether those materials are industrial products, books or pharmaceuticals. Today you'll find approximately 600 trolleys in our standard range. By combining our trolleys with the right accessories, you can create the exact solution you need. Thanks to a wide range of wheel types, shelf sizes etc.the trolleys are extremely flexible and easy to adapt to specific tasks according to the needs of your business.

Why choose an Ergobjörn trolley?

  • Lifetime warranty on standard trolleys
  • Modular system - allows a virtually unlimited number of versions to be created
  • Adjustable handles and shelves
  • Rolls easily with different loads and in all directions
  • Many smart accessories to choose between to optimise your solution
  • The market's most durable surface coating

Available trolleys:

  • Shelf Trolley
  • Step trolley
  • E-commerce trolley
  • Platform trolley
  • Parcel trolley
  • ESD trolley
  • Electric trolley