Tow tractor: 20,000 - 150,000 kg

The four-wheel ATA electric tractor is very suitable for pulling heavy loads up to 150 tons. The ATA electric tractors are used both inside and outside because of their good driving characteristics. Because the cab is at the front, the driver has a good overview. These tractors are also available in various Diesel versions.

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Technical Specifications

Electric ATA tractorE200E400E600E800
Towing capacity20,000 kg40,000 kg60,000 kg80,000 kg
Length2.600 mm3,373 mm3,373 mm3,373 mm
Width1.150 mm1,400 mm1,400 mm1,400 mm
Height1.900 mm2,032 mm2,032 mm2,032 mm
Max. battery80 Volt, 465 Ah.80 Volt, 930 Ah.80 Volt, 930 Ah.80 Volt, 930 Ah.
Diesel ATA tractor500075009500100
Towing capacity50,000 kg75,000 kg150,000 kg150,000 kg
Length2,911 mm2,911 mm4,000 mm4,980 mm
Width1,410 mm1,410 mm2,000 mm2,000 mm
Height2,041 mm2,041 mm2,300 mm1,980 mm
EnginePerkins 36,5 kWPerkins 36,5 kWKubota 55 kWDiesel 55 kW