Electric tow tractors

Find the best suitable electric tow tractor for your operation.

our tow tractors make a difference!

 In order to move auction trolleys, Danish trolleys, laundry trolleys, waste containers, luggage trolleys, cargo dollies, trailers, E-frames, C-frames or any other type of trolley; Spijkstaal has the right electric tow tractor!

The Spijkstaal electric tow tractors have proven themselves over the years as reliable tractors. Whether you need the tow tractor in a factory, at an airport, at the flower auction, in a greenhouse, in a production environment or in a hospital, the Spijkstaal electric tow tractor move your loads safely and efficiently. 

All Spijkstaal electric tractors are equipped with maintenance-free AC motors that provide the best performance in combination with traction or lithium batteries.

The Spijkstaal electric tow tractors make a difference
  • You'll have a stable drive due to the low center of gravity
  • You'll have a comfortable drive due to all-round mounting shock absorbers
  • You can easily get on and off due to the low entry
  • You can stop safely due to multiple brakes
    Tailored advice

    Thanks to years of experience in the development and construction of electric tow tractors, we can provide you with well-founded and solid advice on which type of tractor best suits your situation. Do not hesitate to contact us about special wishes or options, we are happy to think along with you!

    electric tractor without a driver?

    For automatic guided electric tow tractors, Spijkstaal is your business partner! Almost all Spijkstaal electric tractors can be supplied as an AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle).  For more information, please contact us!