Trailer mover: up to 15,000 kg

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Technical Specifications
    Electric Trailer Mover
    Towing capacity15,000 kg
    Lifting capacity3,500 kg
    Max. speed
    5-6 km/h
    600*9 massive
    Magnetic brake
    40 litrey
    Max. battery capacity
    48 Volt, 375 Ah.
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    Spijkstaal Trailer mover

    The Spijkstaal trailer mover has been developed for moving empty trailers over a short distance when a terminal tractor cannot be used. You can use the Spijkstaal trailer mover for any type of trailer.

    Comfortable workplace

    The Spijkstaal trailer mover can be used on less even surfaces; it is equipped with large tires and has a lot of ground clearance. Furthermore, the trailer mover is very user-friendly and maneuvers easily.


    The trailer mover has a lift / load capacity up to 3,500 kg and can tow trailers up to a maximum weight of 15,000 kg. All electronics are stored in a waterproof cabinet. The sheet metal is made of steel and is bolted to the chassis. Steel is less vulnerable than plastic; if any damage occurs it can be repaired quickly and easily.

    Very well equipped
    • Drawbar steering
    • Hydraulic lifting unit
    • Full rubber tires all around
    • Fixed level coupling on the rear of the vehicle
    • Telescopic drawbar
    • Air tank (40 liters) to release the trailer braking system
    • A lot of ground clearance
    • Big tires
    • Easy to maneuver
    • All electronics in a waterproof cabinet
    • Sheet metal screwed to the chassis
    • Air for braking the trailers
    • Made in Holland

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