Streetscooter Work L

The StreetScooter WORK Lis the versatile all-rounder in the StreetScooter family of models. With a cargo capacity of 8 cubic meters or pickup cargo bed length of over 3 meters, the WORK L is the perfect tool for the big jobs in your operation. The Box and Pickup models are ideal designs for the different requirements of many industries. The StreetScooter Pure model offers even more, maximum flexibility with its "pure" ready-for-use chassis.

Technical specifications 
Streetscooter WORK L
Max. speed 85 km/u
Max. range 205 km (NEFZ)
Engine type PMSM
Drive Front wheel drive
Max. battery Lithium-ion 40 kW
Charger 230 V, singel fase 16A
Charging time 10 uur (0-80%), 13 uur (0-100%)
Airdbag Driver
Control Electric
ESC Standard electronic stability control
Unladen weight 1,695kg 1,710 kg 1,465 kg
Permissible total weight   2,600 kg 2,600kg 2,600 kg
Payload 905 kg 890 kg 1,135 kg
Vehicle size (L/W/H)

5,784 / 2,087 / 2,347 mm

5,840 / 2,087 /1,859 mm 5,784 / 2,087 / 1,867 mm
Platform size (L/W/H) - 3,177/ 1,757 / 400 mm -
Load capacity 8 m3 - -

More information can be found int the Streetscooter brochure of Spijkstaal Internationaal. 

Brochure Download
Streetscooter by Spijkstaal brochure-streetscooter.pdf


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