commercial vehicle: up to 1,000 kg

The Spijkstaal 1000 is a unique model. Due to its load capacity, range and excellent performance, this commercial vehicle is very suitable for local authorities, recreation, defense and healthcare institutions;

  • transporting luggage between terminals
  • emptying waste bins or collecting green waste 
  • transporting products.
Comfortable workplace

The Spijkstaal 1000 has a low step-up and a comfortable seat that, in combination with the steering wheel, ensures an ergonomically correct posture. Because this commercial vehicle is equipped with springs all around is the Spijkstaal 1000 is even comfortable on a less even surface.


The Spijkstaal electric platform tow tractor 1000 is available in a long and a short version. The vehicle has an European approval in the tractor category N1 and heavy four-wheelers L7e, which guarantees advanced standards of your quality and safety. The Spijkstaal 1000 owes its homologation to the strong, light aluminum chassis. This chassis makes the Spijkstaal 1000 the only approved vehicle to transport 965 kg on public roads in combination with a speed of 40 km/h.

  • N1 homologated
  • Aluminum chassis
  • Load platform of at least 2400 mm long
  • Load platform of only 730 mm high
  • Maintenance-free AC motors
  • Top speed of 40 km/h
  • Maintenance free batteries 72V (Gel or Lithium)
Technical specifications 
Spijkstaal 1000 Long version Short version
Platform (L x W) 2,500 x 1,100 mm 1,800 x 1,100 mm
Platform height 730 mm 730 mm
Max. loading capacity 965 kg 830 kg
Max. speed 40 km/u (adjustable) 40 km/u (adjustable)
Length 3,890 mm 3,230 mm
Width 1,200 mm 1,200 mm
Height 1,940 mm 1,940 mm
Max. battery Gel: 19.4 Kw / Lithium: 25.6 Kw Gel: 19.4 Kw / Lithium: 25.6 Kw
Motor AC AC

The Spijkstaal 1000 is mainly used in the following markets:

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