Burden carrier: up to 300 kg

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Technical specifications
Burden Carrier304 P
Towing capacity2,500 kg
Loading capacity300 kg
Max. speed
14 km/u (adjustable)
2,026 mm
750 mm
Size platform
600 x 695 mm
Max. battery
24 Volt, 400 Ah.
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Spijkstaal 304p

The Spijkstaal burden carrier 304P is multifunctional due the combination of a load capacity up to 300 kg and a towing capacity up to 2.500 kg. The versatility of the Spijkstaal 304P ensures that the vehicle can be used in many different sectors such as aviation, floriculture, automotive, recreation and care institutions.

Comfortable workplace

The Spijkstaal burden carrier 304P is very comfortable, has an improved seat and is built ergonomically. Due to the springs and shock absorbers all around the vehicle, it even drives comfortably on uneven ground. The 304P is also ideal for use in buildings due to its small width and small turning radius.


The Spijkstaal 304P has a steel chassis. All plate parts are also made of steel and screwed to the chassis. This way of building ensures a long lifetime and makes any damage easy to repair.


This electric burden carrier can be equipped with a cabin with or without sliding doors. This makes it possible to use the Spijkstaal 304P indoors and outdoors.

  • Comfortable 
  • Ergonomic 
  • Compact
  • Low entry
  • Long lifetime
  • Low costs in the TCO
  • Platform with 300 kg load capacity
  • Maintenance-free AC motors
  • Made in Holland

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