Burden carrier: up to 2,500 kg

The new Spijkstaal 2500 is available as a burden carrier or as a commercial vehcile and has been specially developed as a sustainable alternative to the current (diesel) van. The new Spijkstaal electric vehicle is very suitable for collecting green or waste and for transporting care items, packages or materials.

Comfortable workplace

The Spijkstaal 2500 has a modern cabin that is equipped with every comfort. It is possible to provide the Spijkstaal 2500 with air conditioning, a suspension seat and a radio which makes this electric commercial vehicle complete. Because of the all-round suspension, you can drive comfortably on less even surfaces.


Spijkstaal opts to build with quality parts, a long lifetime is guaranteed and it is easy to repair any damages. The Spijkstaal 2500 has a load capacity of 2500 kg. As a result, different types of applications can be built on the back. 

  • Comfortable
  • Long lifetime
  • Enough power to pull your loads
  • Stable vehicle
  • Electric
  • Modern cabine
Available from Q3

The Spijkstaal 2500 will be built from q3 2020, if you want more information about this vehicle, please contact us.

    Technische specifications

    Burden carrier


    Max. towing capacity

    6,000 kg

    Max. loading capacity

    2,500 kg

    Max. speed

    25 km/u


    3,927 mm


    1,300 mm


    2,030 mm

    Battery capacity

    80 Volt, 400 Ah



    The Spijkstaal 2500 is mainly used in the following markets:

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