Looking for an unmanned electric tow tractor? The Spijkstaal AGV tow tractor is the solution for you. The Spijkstaal AGV tow tractor is a collaboration between Spijkstaal and AGVR; a Spijkstaal electric tow tractor can be converted into an AGV tow tractor.

Up to 60 tons

Spijkstaal offers AGV tow tractors with a towing capacity up to 60 tons. The AGV tow tractors can be used outside or on less even surfaces. Just like the 'normal' electric tow tractors, the AGV tow tractors are equipped with suspension, disc brakes and strong AC-motors.

Operational reliability

To guarantee your operations, all Spijkstaal AGV tow tractors are equipped with a switch that can convert the AGV-tractor from automatic to manual use. So you are not completely dependent on the AGV-system.

In which situation is it possible to drive an AGV tractor?
  • When driving a lap within your production to a number of (1, 2 or more) points (stops)
  • When running a Milkrun system
  • When driving long distances with various goods
  • When driving in a building or production area
  • When driving outside
Which navigation system can be used?

The Spijkstaal AGV tow tractor can be navigated in different ways. The situation and environment will be taking into account before selecting one of the following systems: 

  • Visual tape
  • Contour
  • Laser
  • Magnet
  • Combination of the above
  • Savings on labor
  • Savings on damage
  • Operational reliability
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