100 % Electric

Spijkstaal International B.V. has been developing and building electric tow tractors, electric burden carriers and electric commercial vehicles for more than 80 years. If you buy a Spijkstaal product, you will receive a high-quality Dutch-made vehicle. The Spijkstaal vehicles are designed and built to drive; a stationary vehicle costs money, while a driving vehicle earns you money.

Sustainable & Robust

Spijkstaal vehicles are designed in such a way that maintenance can be done easily and any damage can be repaired quickly. In addition, Spijkstaal chooses to use parts that ensure maintenance costs to remain low. In combination with a long lifespan, Spijkstaal vehicles show that they are the most cost efficient for you.

  • A sustainable, 100% electric vehicle
  • A vehicle that will last long
  • A vehicle with low maintenance costs
  • Satisfied employees

In addition to a large number of 'own' products, Spijkstaal also supplies various products from partners. These products must meet the same high requirements as the Spijkstaal products before being added to the Spijkstaal portfolio. Spijkstaal's partners are: ATA, AGVR, Streetscooter and Ergobjorn.

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Spijkstaal International B.V.
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