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Our factory

Our factory, located in Hoogvliet, is more than just the hub of our production. It is a symbol of our commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability.

The technicians at the center

Our dedicated team of engineers, craftsmen and office workers are the backbone of our organization. With passion, expertise and attention to detail, they craft every part of our vehicles with utmost care. Their craftsmanship is not only visible in the finished product, but is also felt in the energy and dedication they bring to the workshop every day.

Equipped with new technologies, our factory enables us to produce reliable, durable vehicles that meet the needs of our customers. One vehicle we are proud of is the "Push Assist Rod" for KLM. One of a kind!

Nothing new

We are proud of our factory, but most of all of the people who work there. It is a place where technology and craftsmanship come together, driven by a team committed to creating the electric vehicles of the future.

Our team is the core of Spijkstaal and forms a close-knit community of professionals. With a team of 30 technical experts and an experienced consulting team, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. These talented individuals have been together for many years, creating a strong mutual bond and trust.