Spijkstaal introduces a new electric tow tractor: Spijkstaal 302 nova

Posted: 31 August 2020

This modern tow tractor is suitable for hospitals, airports, stations or other places where containers, carts or trailers up to 2,000 kg must be moved.

The Spijkstaal 302 nova drives very comfortably and is easy to drive due to the flippers on the adjustable handlebar.

The standard Spijkstaal 302 nova is well equipped with lighting, a built-in charger, a lockable storage compartment and the possibility to easily change the battery. In addition, various practical options are available:

  • The standard AGM battery can be replaced by a Lithium battery;
  • The 302 nova can be equipped with a short box on the back where a tool box can be mounted.
  • The back can be equipped with various couplings.

In short, the new Spijkstaal 302 nova is very complete and can be put together according to your wishes.

Currently available from 8,500 euros.

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