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Rent or buy an electric tractor behind which an industrial trailer can be coupled. Our advisors are happy to provide information when choosing the best industrial trailers to fit within the ornamental industry.

Day and night driving.

Ornamental horticulture is the cultivation of ornamental plants. The ornamental plant cultivation sector grows and sells all kinds of cultivation that is divided into: cut flowers, potted plants, bulbs, perennials, tuberous plants and bedding plants. A sector where logistics are abundant.

The Spijkstaal electric tractors and platform trucks offer floriculture the ideal solution in the field of internal transport. Spijkstaal aims to increase the efficiency of the products to be transported through little to no downtime, low maintenance costs and good ergonomic design. Spijkstaal vehicles are ideal for use in ornamental horticulture as distribution tractors for transporting people and products in greenhouses or auctions. Choose the Spijkstaal electric tractor and experience the efficiency and reliability your floriculture company needs.

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