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Quick and easy loading and unloading.

The ports in Europe are an important part of the economy, where the storage and transshipment of goods and services that are distributed throughout the world takes place. In the port, Spijkstaal vehicles can contribute to higher profitability by transporting goods in an efficient manner, preventing downtime and monitoring low maintenance costs. A major advantage is that an industrial trailer can be coupled to the electric tractor within seconds. This allows you to load and unload quickly and easily.

The Spijkstaal vehicles are also ideal for use as distribution tractors for transporting people and products across wharves.

Made in Holland

Spijkstaal has strong ties to the Netherlands that go back as far as 80 years ago. The company is deeply rooted in Dutch society and gained iconic status with its famous old SRV wagon. Generations of Dutch people remember the familiar sight of the SRV cart driving through the streets, loaded with all kinds of products and services.

Spijkstaal has left a lasting impression on Dutch culture and continues to innovate and contribute to the mobility of our country. It is a symbol of craftsmanship, reliability and tradition, and a valuable part of Dutch history.

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