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Electric tractors for the Agf sector

  • Many vehicles applicable

  • Focused on fast docking and disconnection

  • 60 years of industry experience

Our advisors will be happy to inform you which industrial trailers best suit the logistics processes within the Agf sector.

Minimal downtime and low maintenance costs.

The Agf sector refers to the cultivation and growing of potatoes, vegetables and fruits. The basis for the production of our food. The Agf sector ensures that the products are delivered as fresh as possible to the customer, the greengrocer or the supermarket, which in turn resells it to the consumer.

Spijkstaal's electric tractors and platform trucks are ideal for transporting potatoes, vegetables or fruit in crates at distribution centers. In addition, our sales staff are happy to think along with you about how the electric vehicles can contribute to making transport as efficient as possible, with minimal downtime and low maintenance costs.

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