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Multi-purpose E-platform trucks for municipalities.

  • Full overnight charging

  • Multi-purpose vehicles for different jobs

  • 40 years of industry experience

Our advisors will be happy to inform you what applications are possible so that we can find the best vehicle for the job.

Spijkstaal and municipalities. A good marriage for more than 60 years.

Municipalities have a wide range of operations, such as garbage collection, landscaping and neighborhood cleaning. Spijkstaal's e-platform trucks are suitable for these activities. The multifunctional platform makes the vehicles suitable for emptying waste bins and collecting/maintaining greenery. They are therefore mainly used by a technical service department, the waste manager or the fleet manager.

Spijkstaal has been working with local governments for years when it comes to electric transport. The common goal is therefore: minimal downtime, low maintenance costs and increased profitability. The Spijkstaal electric tractors and platform trucks offer local governments the optimal solution for these requirements in the field of horizontal transport.

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