Ground support equipment (GSE)

Spijkstaal electric vehicles are very suitable for transport activities at airports. Spijkstaal can help airports to achieve goals as increasing profitability, transporting luggage and products in a efficient way, little downtime and lower maintenance costs. The Spijkstaal electric tractors and burden carriers offer aviation the optimal solution in the field of internal transport.

The Spijkstaal vehicles are mainly used by the technical service, the transport department and the supplies; transporting luggage and vehicles across the terminal and supplying aircrafts.

Spijkstaal 304Spijkstaal 306Spijkstaal 302 nova

Spijkstaal 308

Spijkstaal 425ATA
Spijkstaal 310

GSE Push Assist Rod

Spijkstaal 2500