Vehicles for the automotive

The automotive market refers to the production and sales of cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles. Spijkstaal started working in the automotive industry with the aim to increase profitability by efficiently transporting items with electric vehicles, little downtime and low maintenance costs. The electric tow tractors and burden carriers of Spijkstaal offer car manufacturers and automotive subcontractors the optimal transport solution.

The Spijkstaal electric tow tractors and burden carriers are very suitable for the technical service, emergency service, maintenance service, transport, supplies and milk run systems. 


Spijkstaal 301

Spijkstaal 310

Spijkstaal 1000

Spijkstaal 302 nova

Spijkstaal TW12/TW20

Spijkstaal 2500
Spijkstaal 306Spijkstaal 425

Spijkstaal 304

Spijkstaal 308

Spijkstaal 304P