Vehicles for Fruit & vegetable sector

The fruit and vegetable sector concerns the cultivation of potatoes, vegetables and fruit. The basis for the production of our food. This sector ensures that products are delivered as fresh as possible to the customer, the greengrocer or the supermarket, who then resells it to the consumer.

The Spijkstaal electric tow tractors and burden carriers in the fruit and vegetable sector are ideal for transporting potatoes, vegetables or fruit in crates at distribution centers. In addition, Spijkstaal likes to think along about how electric vehicles can contribute in making transport as efficient as possible, without downtime and low maintenance costs.


Spijkstaal 301

Spijkstaal 308Spijkstaal 420
Spijkstaal 304Spijkstaal 310Spijkstaal 1000
Spijkstaal 306