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Spijkstaal chooses KwikFit as partner to service light electric vehicles

Posted at: September 25, 2023

KwikFit enters into a strategic partnership with Spijkstaal, the Dutch pioneer in electric vehicles. This partnership aims to provide Spijkstaal light electric vehicle (LEV) owners with high-quality and efficient EV service. Spijkstaal customers can visit more than 100 EV-certified branches of KwikFit for professional and efficient service.

For more than 80 years, Spijkstaal International has been known for its innovative electric vehicles for both national and international transport of goods and people. With a strong focus on sustainability and quality, Spijkstaal has built a portfolio that matches the growing demand for environmentally friendly mobility solutions. For example, Spijkstaal supplies LEVs to companies including DHL and Jumbo, which use the vehicles for parcel and delivery services. Spijkstaal also rents LEVs to several large construction companies and recently delivered 140 LEVs to the Ministry of Defense, distributed across 34 locations in the Netherlands.

The strategic partnership between KwikFit and Spijkstaal fits seamlessly with the development of zero emission zones and sustainable urban logistics. With Spijkstaal's expertise in electric vehicles and KwikFit's EV service network, owners of Spijkstaal LEV vehicles are supported to actively participate in green city transportation.

Sustainable quality service

The two companies have an aligned vision of sustainable mobility and quality service. With its network of branches and expertise in maintenance and repairs, KwikFit will act as an authorized service partner for Spijkstaal's LEV vehicles. The combined expertise of KwikFit and Spijkstaal ensures that customers can count on high-quality service, efficient maintenance and quick solutions to any problems. With authorized EV certifications at select locations, customers are assured of safety, quality and reliability for their Spijkstaal LEV vehicles.

"We are delighted to join forces with Spijkstaal and add a new dimension to our growing commitment to the e-mobility market," said Pieter Bikker, E-mobility Director at KwikFit. "Spijkstaal's LEV vehicles are not only technologically advanced, but also contribute to sustainable urban logistics. We look forward to providing owners of Spijkstaal vehicles with top quality service they deserve."

"The partnership with KwikFit marks an important step in our commitment to sustainable mobility," said Geoffrey Jacobs, Managing Director at Spijkstaal. "With KwikFit's high-quality service for our light electric vehicles, we can support our customers even better in the transition to emission-free mobility and promoting green city logistics."


KwikFit is joining the energy transition, in which the company sees a major role for itself. To make this happen, KwikFit opened its first e-service branch and several e-bike service points last year. At these locations, KwikFit services all kinds of electric vehicles, whether cars, bicycles or other electrically powered vehicles. To accelerate this transition, the garage chain has entered into several collaborations with e-transportation suppliers such as NIO and Rad Power Bikes, for example.


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