Spijkstaal = Electric mobility

Spijkstaal International has been developing, manufacturing, selling and maintaining electric vehicles for more than 80 years. Spijkstaal is part of the Peinemann Mobilift Group since September 9, 2015 and since then mainly focusing on the rental of electric tractors and burden carriers. Total unburdening in the field of electrically horizontal transport is what Spijkstaal wants to offer its customers; nationally and internationally.

As a result of developments in corporate social responsibility, sustainability and reducing emissions, as well as the increased demand for electric vehicles, Spijkstaal focuses on different product groups within the spectrum of electric mobility.

History of Spijkstaal

Foundation Spijkstaal Elektro B.V. | Spijkstaal

1938 Foundation Spijkstaal Elektro B.V.

Gerrit Neuteboom started constructing steel agricultural vehicles in Spijkenisse. The name Spijkstaal occurred: 'Spijk' of Spijkenisse and 'steel' of the steel vehicles.

Spijkstaal became well known in retail an industry | Spijkstaal

1955 Spijkstaal became well known in retail an industry

Electric vehicles became very popular the retail sector. 1200 pieces of these vans were sold per year. Spijkstaal vehicles were also used for intern transport in the industries. Mainly due to the simple operation, low maintenance and durability. 

Front wheel drive | Spijkstaal

1956 Front wheel drive

All electric vehicles got a front wheel drive. 

New fabric in Hoogeveen | Spijkstaal

1970 New fabric in Hoogeveen

A new factory was built in Hoogeveen for the manufacture of SRV-vans. 

Spijkstaal fire trucks | Spijkstaal

1985 Spijkstaal fire trucks

Spijkstaal started building fire trucks in Hoogeveen. 

Innovative vehicles | Spijkstaal

1988 Innovative vehicles

The tow tractors and burden carriers were renewed; design and technique. 

Collaboration with Government and Volkswagen | Spijkstaal

1995 Collaboration with Government and Volkswagen

Expansion through collaboration | Spijkstaal

2005 Expansion through collaboration

New business. For the Van Gansewinkel company Spijkstaal builded electric refuse trucks and for the municipality of Capelle a/d IJssel automatized guided vehicles. 

New start, new name! | Spijkstaal

2015 New start, new name!

Spijkstaal International B.V. became part of the Peinemann Mobilift Group and started to focus more on rental of electric vehicles.

Introduction automatic guided tractor | Spijkstaal

2019 Introduction automatic guided tractor

The Spijkstaal AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) tow tractor is a collaboration between Spijkstaal and AGVR; a Spijkstaal electric tow tractor can be converted into an AGV tow tractor.

New electric tow tractor: Spijkstaal 302 nova | Spijkstaal

2020 New electric tow tractor: Spijkstaal 302 nova

This modern tow tractor is suitable for hospitals, airports, stations or other places where containers, carts or trailers up to 2,000 kg must be moved.